General Service greater than 50 kW



Effective July 1, 2017

Non–Residential Consumers who are Eligible for Regulated Price Plan

Consumption of Initial Threshold

$ 0.077 / kWh – First 750 kWh

Consumption above the Monthly Threshold

$ 0.090 / kWh

If you are not designated as an eligible candidate for the Regulated Price Plan your Electricity cost will be calculated using an average rate based on consumption patterns within the local distribution service

See current Wholesale Price at the IESO website

• If you have purchased or buying from an electricity retailer, please check your contract as these rates will differ.



Effective July 1, 2017

Network & Connection

$ 2.8556/ kW

Sioux Lookout Hydro Delivery

- Regulated Price Plan

$ 2.1877 / kW


Sioux Lookout Hydro Delivery

- Non Regulated Price Plan

$ 2.1877 / kW


Sioux Lookout Hydro Monthly Fixed Charge

$ 386.97/ month



Based on Consumption

$ 0.0039 / kWh

Supply Administration Charge for Customers who buy their Electricity through Sioux Lookout Hydro

$0.25 per month



Based on Consumption

$ 0.0070 / kWh


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